It was just another pile of mail, but it included exciting news.  CFCA sent  us sponsorship packets for Eri and Berdimon!  This filled my heart with joy!

Alex, Jimmy and Eri had jabbered away for hours on our trip to Mazatenango.  They happened to see each other at the Hentzen arrival and Eri passed the sweetest note to Alex.  Alex really wants to see Eri when we return to Guatemala three years from now.  So his wish has been granted.  We will be back for a reunion with Eri in 2014!

Josefina was the “SuperMom” who was so involved in the same day at Mazatenango.

Super Mom Josefina

She welcomed us to her house, which she shares with her sister, mother, and their children.  Berdimon is her sister’s son.  I felt a real call to help that family, and am so grateful that they will have the support of two “benefits” for the years ahead.

We got beautiful letters from each of these families.  I look forward to writing them back – and visiting in 3 years.  But in the meantime I know that the CFCA family is caring for these two families – as well as so many others.

So my heart is happy!